Hui Cao


Cao’s research focuses on mesoscopic physics and complex nanophotonics. Her current interests include mesoscopic transport of photons, complex lasers, speckle-based spectrometers, spatial coherence engineering of lasers for speckle-free imaging and multimodality microscopy. Her research involves nanofabtrication, material characterization, optical measurement with high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution, and numerical modeling.

Awards & Honors: 

  • Microscopy Today Innovation Award for Speckle-free semiconductor laser   (2016)

  • William E. Lamb Medal for Laser Physics and Quantum Optics  (2015)

  • Microscopy Today Innovation Award for On-chip Random Spectrometer   (2014)

  • John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship  (2013)

  • APS DLS Distinguished Traveling Lecturer (2008)

  • Fellow of American Physical Society  (2007)

  • Fellow of Optical Society of America  (2007)

  • Maria Goeppert-Mayer Award from American Physical Society  (2006)

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation  (2004)

  • Outstanding Young Researcher Award from Overseas Chinese Physics Association  (2004)

  • National Science Foundation Career Award  (2001)

  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship  (2000)

  • David and Lucille Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering  (1999)


  • Semiconductor Cavity Quantum Electronics, 2000, Published by Springer-Verlag

Representative Publications: 

  • H. Cao, and J. Wiersig, “Dielectric microcavities: model systems for wave chaos and non-Hermitian physics”, Rev. Mod. Phys. 87, 61 (2015).

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