Quantum Week at Yale

From Friday April 8 to Thursday April 14 (World Quantum Day!), the Yale Quantum Institute partnered with 18 institutes, centers and departments to bring you Quantum Week at Yale (or QWAY).

QWAY is a full week of quantum-related events (23 in total!) all over campus to help people outside the field to enter the fascinating world of quantum science and to celebrate Yale leadership in this field!

There are a lot of activities around Quantum Sciences and Information at Yale. Yale quantum researchers, leader in the field, performed the world’s first demonstration of two-qubit algorithms with a superconducting quantum processor in 2009 and saw their technology widely used in the recent quantum breakthroughs. Quantum science and engineering was identified as one of five top priority areas for the next decade in the University’s Science Strategy Report, and Yale is developing a state-of-the-art building that is intended to transform the pursuit of quantum science, engineering, and materials research. However, for most of people on campus, quantum physics stays an obscure topic filled up with dead and alive cats and other spooky actions at a distance. The program is built around four themes to offer various audiences all the information one needs to understand quantum, whether you have never heard of quantum or are an expert in the field:

Understanding Quantum
If you are intrigued by quantum science but it seems inaccessible to you, consider attending one or more of these events. Designed especially for the general public, they do not require any previous knowledge and will teach you key points of quantum science in an accessible way.

Art & Quantum
Strong of its Artist-in-Residence program, YQI use art as a medium to engage audiences around the topic of quantum physics, and QWAY is no exception. The week features a large number of events mixing art, humanities and quantum, to bridge the gap between Science Hill and the rest of campus.

Career and Entrepreneurship
This section of the program is ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in quantum science at Yale or in other institutions, or the industry. Take full advantage of the program to learn more about career path, opportunities, and networking to join a field in full expansion.

For Researchers
If you are already in the field, you can also enjoy Quantum Week with an offering of technical talks especially for quantum researchers.

AUDIENCE: Due to the current Yale covid policy, only Yale affiliated members authorized on campus can attend Quantum Week at Yale. We are monitoring any eventual policy changes and will inform you if we can welcome the New Haven Community to these events.

Quantum Week at Yale is created by Florian Carle for the Yale Quantum Institute, in partnership with the Arts Library, the Bass Library, the Beinecke Library, the Departments of Applied Physics, Computer Science, and Physics, the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the Marx library, the New Haven Museum, the Office of Career Strategy, RCUL Jewelry, Tsai CITY, the Science Librarians at Yale, the Whitney Humanities Center, Wright Lab, the Yale Undergraduate Quantum Computing group, Yale SEAS, and the Yale Schwarzman Center.

Event time: 
Friday, April 8, 2022 - 9:00am to Thursday, April 14, 2022 - 9:00pm
Yale Quantum Institute