Michel Devoret


Director of the Applied Physics Nanofabrication Lab


Devoret's research focuses on experimental solid state physics with emphasis on "quantronics," i.e., mesoscopic electronic effects in which collective degrees of freedom like currents and voltages behave quantum mechanically; investigations of quantum coherence in single Cooper pair devices for quantum computation and metrology; amplification, information and noise in mesoscopic systems.

Awards & Honors: 

  • John Bell Prize (with Robert Schoelkopf, for fundamental and pioneering experimental advances in entangling superconducting qubits and microwave photons, and their application to quantum information processing, 2013)

  • Elected to the French Academy of Sciences (2007)

  • Professor at College de France (2007-2012)

  • Europhysics-Agilent Prize, from the European Physical Society, received along with Daniel Esteve, Hans Moij and Yasunobu Nakamura for the realization and demonstration of the quantum bit concept based on superconducting circuits. The Europhysics Prize is one of the most prestigious physics prizes presented in Europe and is given to internationally important areas of condensed matter physics (2004)

  • Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences  (2003)

  • Descartes-Huygens Prize from the Royal Academy of Science, Netherlands (1996)

  • Ampere Prize from the French Academy of Science (with Daniel Esteve, for the invention of the electron pump, 1991)

Representative Publications: 

  • M.H. Devoret and R.J. Schoelkopf, Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Information: An Outlook, Science 339, 1169-1174 (2013). 

  • B. Abdo, K. Sliwa, N. Bergeal, M. Hatridge, L. Frunzio, A.D. Stone, M.H. Devoret, Full Coherent Frequency Conversion Between Two Microwave Propagating Modes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 173902 (2013). 

  • K. Geerlings, Z. Leghtas, I.M. Pop, S. Shankar, L. Frunzio, R.J. Schoelkopf, M. Mirrahimi, M.H. Devoret, Demonstrating a Driven Reset Protocol for a Superconducting Qubit, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 120501 (2013).

  • M. Hatridge and S. Shankar, M. Mirrahimi, F. Schackert, K. Geerlings, T. Brecht, K.M. Sliwa, B. Abdo, L. Frunzio, S.M. Girvin, R.J. Schoelkopf, M.H. Devoret, Quantum Back-Action of Variable-Strength Measurement, Science 339, 178-181 (2013).

  • N. Bergeal, F. Schackert, M. Metcalfe, L. Frunzio, D. Prober, R. J. Schoelkopf, S. M. Girvin and M.H. Devoret, Phase-preserving amplification near the quantum limit with a Josephson ring modulator, Nature 465, 64-70 (2010).

  • N. Bergeal, R. Vijay, V. E. Manucharyan, I. Siddiqi, R. J. Schoelkopf, S. M. Girvin, M. H. Devoret, Analog information processing at the quantum limit with a Josephson ring modulator, Nature Physics 6, 296-302 (2010).

  • V. E. Manucharyan, Jens Koch, L. Glazman, M.H. Devoret, Single Cooper pair circuit free of charge offsets, Science 326, 113-116  (2009).

  • M. Metcalfe, E. Boaknin, V. E. Manucharyan, R. Vijay, I. Siddiqi, C. Rigetti, L. Frunzio, R. J. Schoelkopf, and M. H. Devoret, Measuring the decoherence of a quantronium qubit with the cavity bifurcation amplifier, Phys. Rev. B76, 014524 (2007)