• Physics of Novel Materials

    Research is conducted by several Applied Physics faculty, in collaboration with faculty from other SEAS and Yale departments.

  • Optical Physics and Devices

    A planar realization of a random laser that is pumped with incoherent light from the top and emits coherent light in random directions.

  • Quantum Information & Devices

    Systems that employ quantum effects to process information or detect electromagnetic radiation at the ultimate physical limits.


Charles Ahn, Chair

The Department of Applied Physics prepares students for academic and industrial careers at the forefront of science and technology. Teaching and research are focused on fundamental issues in condensed matter and optical physics and on the practical application of these concepts and techniques to technology. This balance between fundamental science and application makes our program highly interdisciplinary, having strong collaborations with Physics, Chemistry, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biomedical Engineering.

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Applying to Yale Applied Physics Graduate Program

If you are interested in one of the following research areas, the Yale Applied Physics Department is the place for you:

  • Quantum Information Physics using superconducting qubits (Devoret, Jiang, Prober, Read, Schoelkopf)
  • Optical Physics (Cao, Mochrie, Rakich, Stone)
  • Materials Physics (Ahn, Fleury, Henrich, Ismail-Beigi)

Graduate student support and requirements include:

  • Full fellowship support for first year
  • Two semesters of special investigations research during first year
  • One semester as teaching fellow during second year
  • Dissertation Area Exam in lieu of Qualifying Exam

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