APS March, 2012 Meeting Reception - Boston

March 5, 2012

The Departments of Applied Physics and Physics sponsored a reception at the March, 2012 meeting of the American Physical Society.  Over 120 people attended, and enjoyed conversation, drinks and food, with present, past and future Yale physicists and spouses.  Recent undergraduates mingled with PhD graduates (who graduated as far back as the 1950s), and students admitted to our PhD program met with graduates and faculty.  Current and former faculty attended, including several distinguished faculty members -  Russell Donnelly (Oregon), George Zimmerman (BU), Joseph Serene (APS), Horst Meyer (Duke), John Reppy (Cornell), and Arthur Ramirez (UC Santa Cruz, Dean).  A great time was had by all, and we look forward to future events like this.

Dean Arthur Ramirez (Yale PhD, Physics) talks with a current PhD applicant in Applied Physics.

The Zimmermans (left) and Donnellys enjoy the reception and historical photobooks, including ‘The Early History of Cryogenic Research at Yale’ (presentation by Prof. Robert Wheeler, PhD, Yale and Prof. Emeritus)

Contact Prof. Daniel Prober (Daniel.prober@yale.edu) for pictures.