2020 Applied Physics Senior Prize Winners

May 22, 2020

Congratulations to Kazemi Adachi (YC ‘20) and Aparna Nair-Kanneganti (YC ‘20) on awarded the Department of Applied Physics Prizes. Both were seniors in Applied Physics.

“THE APPLIED PHYSICS PRIZE (1996). Awarded to a senior in Applied Physics who, in the judgment of the Applied Physics faculty, has exhibited outstanding achievement, insight, and originality in independent research. The selection process will be based on a written nomination from the student’s adviser, and input provided by the faculty attending the students’ presentations of their research projects. Nominations will be reviewed by the award committee, consisting of the director of undergraduate studies (chair of the committee) and two other Applied Physics faculty members, which will then select the winner. The award will be presented at the student’s residential college at Commencement.” (source: Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life)