March 2021 News

AP Alumni Spotlight: Archana Kamal, Ph.D.'13 receives AFOSR Young Investigator and NSF-CAREER awards

Anchana Kamal (Yale Ph.D.’13, a former graduate student with QLab - Devoret Group) has been recognized with two prestigious honors: Young Investigator Program award by Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and CAREER award by National Science Foundation. Congratulations to Anchana!

The Route to Robust Quantum Computing: Interview with Shruti Puri
By Liang Dong, PhD

Quantum computing is a radically new way to store and process information based on the principles of quantum mechanics. While conventional computers store information in binary “bits” that are either 0s or 1s, quantum computers store information in quantum bits, or qubits. A qubit can be both 0 and 1 at the same time, and a series of qubits together remember many different things simultaneously.

Hui Cao on the Science Podcast: The world’s fastest random number generator

Sarah Crespi talks with Hui Cao, a professor of applied physics at Yale University, about a new way to generate enormous streams of random numbers faster than ever before, using a tiny laser that can fit on a computer chip. Listen to the Science Podcast.