January 2022 News

Shruti Puri Wins NSF CAREER Award

For her work on developing a more robust quantum computing system, Shruti Puri has won a 2021 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

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A Quantum Group for Everyone

This article originally appeared in Yale Engineering magazine.

Quantum science can be a little intimidating — even Einstein once called it “spooky.” So it makes sense that it has developed a reputation as an all-or-nothing kind of commitment. Dabblers needn’t apply.

But a new student group is looking to change that. The Yale Undergraduate Quantum Computing (YuQC) group was founded by Shantanu Jha, a math and physics major who graduated in December. Thinking of all the ways that quantum computing can be applied to other fields, Jha said he was inspired to engage a broad spectrum of other students with the emerging field.

2021 Applied Physics Senior Prize Winners

Congratulations to Annie Polish (YC ’21) and Owen Duke (YC ’21) on being awarded the Department of Applied Physics Senior Prize for 2021. Both were seniors in Applied Physics and graduated in May 2021.

Annie Polish is currently working full-time as a postgraduate associate in Professor Laura Newburgh’s lab at Yale. Her senior project was also under the direction of Prof. Newburgh, and was titled, “High-Precision GPS for Drone-Based Calibration of Radio Telescopes”

Owen Duke is currently working on a fusion reactor at CFS, Massachusetts. His senior project was under the direction of Prof. Michel Devoret, and was titled, “Towards a Topological Controlled-Not Gate between Kerr-Cat Qubits.”