March 2022 News

Congratulations to Mary Lou Bailey!

Mary Lou Bailey successfully defended the thesis on, ‘Single Particle Tracking Covariance Analysis with Applications to Studying Chromatin Dynamics” on March 11th. (Thesis Advisor:  Prof. Simon Mochrie).

Congratulations to Xiaoyu Zhang!

Xiaoyu Zhang succesfully defended her dissertation on Mar. 9th.

Her thesis was on “Experimental Magnetic Imaging Study of Novel States in Artificial Spin Ice Systems”.


2022-Applied Physics In-Person Open House

The Department of Applied Physics at Yale welcomes the propostive graduate students to our 2022-Applied Physics Graduate Students In-Person Open House.

Congratulations to Chris Wang!

Chris Wang successfully defended his thesis on, “Bosonic quantum simulation in circuit quantum electrodynamics”.

His next plan is to be a Grainger Fellow at University of Chicago. Congratulations Chris!

Yale’s Devoret honored for cutting-edge work in quantum physics

by Jim Shelton

Michel Devoret, the F.W. Beinecke Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, is a co-recipient of the Micius Quantum Prize for his groundbreaking work in quantum physics — including key contributions in the development of the artificial atoms of quantum information known as qubits.

Read full article at YaleNews.