April 2022 News

Owen Miller Receives 2022 Graduate Mentor Award

Congratulations to Owen Miller, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics for receiving the 2022 Graduate Mentor Award from the Yale Graduate School.

Eeach year, the Graduate Mentor Award recognizes faculty members who are exceptional in fostering the intellectual, professional, and personal development of their students. It is the University’s principal award for superb teaching, advising, and mentoring of graduate students. 

The selection committee, comprised of previous Graduate Mentor Award winners and delegates from the Graduate Student Assembly and the Graduate School, received scores of letters from graduate students and alumni nominating outstanding mentors from across our campus. 


Two undergraduate students, Annie Polish ’21 and Maile Harris ’22, were recently invited guests to Prof. Dan Prober’s course to present their joint research work at Yale on “Calibrating radio telescopes with drones.”

Both Annie & Maile have worked in the lab of Prof. Laura Newburgh, Department of Physics. They were invited guests to Prof. Dan Prober’s course for first year students, “Science of Modern Technology and Public Policy”. Their research was to characterize the receiving pattern of some of the largest and most complex radio telescopes using drones. It was considered a highly innovative and successful project. During their presentation, both Annie & Maile were able to explain their techniques for compensating for many different errors in terms that the non-science-majors in the course really appreciated.

‘Frustrated’ nanomagnets order themselves through disorder"
Extremely small arrays of magnets with strange and unusual properties can order themselves by increasing entropy, or the tendency of physical systems to disorder, a behavior that appears to contradict standard thermodynamics—but doesn’t.
“Paradoxically, the system orders because it wants to be more disordered,” said Cristiano Nisoli, a physicist at Los Alamos and coauthor of a paper about the research published today in Nature Physics. “Our research demonstrates entropy-driven order in a structured system of magnets at equilibrium.”
Congratulations to Hanwen Zhang!

Hanwen Zhang successfully defended his thesis on, “Resonances and Fundamental Bounds in Wave Scattering”. (Thesis Advisor: Prof. Owen Miller).


Quantum Week at Yale geared toward novices and experts alike

Yale’s hub for quantum research will soon entangle the campus — in the best possible sense — in a full week of mind-bending science, artistry, and discussion devoted to the wonders of quantum research.

Quantum Week at Yale, organized by the Yale Quantum Institute (YQI), will feature a hackathon, a lab tour, a movie screening, a record launch party, hands-on computer programming, a superconductive jewelry display, and an assortment of quantum-related library and museum exhibits.

Read full article by Jim Shelton at YaleNews and more info at Quantum Week at Yale.

Shedding Light on Lasers' Power

Hui Cao keeps finding new ways for lasers to improve our world.

Read full article in the Yale Engineering Magazine 2021-2022 & SEAS News.

Yale School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Congratulations to Parker Henry!

Parker Henry successfully defended his thesis, “Measuring the Knot of Non-Hermitian Degeneracies and Non-Abelian Braids” on March 31st.  (Thesis Advisor - Prof. Jack Harris).