May 2022 News

Congratulations to the Yale SEAS Class of 2022!

Members of the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science community celebrated the awarding of 231 undergraduate Engineering degrees Monday.

Degrees in Applied Physics were conferred upon 2 members of the Class of 2022; in Biomedical Engineering, 25 degrees; in Chemical Engineering, 16 degrees; in Computer Science, 143 degrees; in Electrical Engineering, 6 degrees; in Environmental Engineering, 15 degrees; and in Mechanical Engineering, 24 degrees.

Read full article on  the Yale SEAS website.

Here at Yale: Sounds from another realm

By Andrea Thompson Peed

Under an early evening dusk, made darker by rain clouds overhead, shades of red, blue, and rose flowed across the white façade of 17 Hillhouse Avenue as an electronic landscape of sounds pulsed from speakers.

Photo by Florian Carle