July 2022 News

Shruti Puri receives the Arthur Greer Memorial Prize

Shruti Puri is among the three recipients of the 2021-2022 Arthur Greer Memorial Prize .

The Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication or Research recognizes outstanding research conducted by ladder faculty members in the social or natural sciences, broadly construed, who are untenured at the time that the work is completed or published. 

Shruti Puri is a theoretical physicist who focuses on quantum information processing theory and quantum optics. Her work addresses the open questions and challenges of developing useful quantum technologies, with a particular emphasis on quantum computing. Puri has developed new strategies for robust quantum computing systems, and she has been recognized with numerous awards for this work, including a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation.


Congratulations to Kyungduk Kim!

Kyunduk Kim successfully defended his thesis on, “Control of spatiotemporal dynamics of complex lasers and applications”.

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Hui Cao 


Knots in the resonator: elegant math in humble physics

By Jim Shelton

At the heart of every resonator — be it a cello, a gravitational wave detector, or the antenna in your cell phone — there is a beautiful bit of mathematics that has been heretofore unacknowledged.

Yale physicists Jack Harris and Nicholas Read know this because they started finding knots in their data.

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